10 dic. 2008


images Os dejo un pequeño diccionario que nos servirá para poder descifrar muchos de los conceptos que leemos por internet.

Comenzaremos por las posiciones y función de los jugadores. Vamos a ello.

Center (Centre): Pívot (5).Often the tallest player on the team. Normally plays close to the basket and is responsible for getting rebounds and blocking shots.


Forwards: Alertos. Two players generally positioned closer to the basket than the guards. They often assume a floor position along the perimeters of the free-throw lane and manoeuvre both inside and outside.


Guards: Base y escolta. They are the two players who typically move the ball from the backcourt into the frontcourt. They usually handle setting up plays and passing to team-mates closer to the basket.


Perimeter player: Jugador de perímetro. The position usually played by the guards and forwards (around the three point line).


Point Guard: Base. He is usually a leader’s team on the floor who initiates the offence and controls the tempo of the game.


Post Player: Poste. The position usually played by the center.
Power Forward: Alero alto. He is usually the bigger, stronger forward who plays close to the basket and is responsible for rebounding and inside scoring.


Shooting Guard: Escolta. He is generally, the player who takes the majority of the shots from the perimeter, many of which are three-point attempts. A guard who is depended on to shoot more and handle the ball less than the point guard; often a good three-point shooter


Small Forward: Alero bajo. Usually bigger than the guards but smaller than the power forward; responsibilities include both inside and outside work.

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