18 dic. 2008

Más English...

images Seguimos con el inglés y, con las posiciones de juego.


Ball Handler: Quien maneja el balón (base). Player controlling the ball; can also mean a player known for his skilful handling of the ball.

Goaltender: Jugador más atrasado en una situación en la que se realiza un 2 contra 1 en una defensa presionante.

Outlet: Receptor del primer pase de contraataque. He is a player that sets up near the sideline for a pass from a defensive rebounder. This pass will initiate the offensive fast break.

Pivot: Pívot. The position a player takes with their back to the basket, either at the top or on the side of the free throw lane. This is also called the post position.

Playmaker: Base. The point guard who usually sets up plays for his team-mates.

Shooter: Tirador. He is a player who takes a shot at the basket.

Sixth Man: Sexto jugador. He is the first substitute to come off the bench to replace a starter.

Starting Line-up: Quinteto inicial. These are the five players who begin a game for one team.

Substitute: Sustituto. He is a player who comes into the game to replace a player on the court.

Swing Man: Jugador adaptable a varias posiciones exteriores. He is a player who can play both the guard and forward positions.

Trailer: Carrilero. Post player or bounder who trails the fast break.

Wing: Ala. He is a player who is running the outside lane on the fast break. Also a player whois positioned at the foul-line extended area during the half-court offence.

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